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Miss Earth Belize 2022?
Casting Open now until
to April 16th. 2022

   Miss Earth Belize 2022

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Destiny E Wagner: 1st. Interntional Crown for Belize. 1st. woman of color to win Miss Earth. 1st. delegate with locs ever to win one of the TOP 5 International Pageant in the world. 1st. Miss Earth for National Directors Margaret R. Johnson and Sarita Acosta. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES...JOB WELL DONE.

The Miss Earth Belize Organization
has been working on Miss Earth 2022 for the past 6 months because while we expected placement at this year's edition of Miss Earth from day one of our launch, we have been busy behind the scenes to make sure that young ladies in Belize know that we are here to provide viable opportunities as long as they put in the work starting before the even come to us. Start now, as us how if necessary: EMAIL:

         Destiny E Wagner

On be half of the Miss Earth Belize Organization we would like to also say 
This was for you!!!
@MissEarth, thank you for seeing greatness in our delegate and for bestowing such an honor to be a part of your mission: to help save Mother Earth.
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Destiny Wagner

destiny wagner-miss-earth-belize-2021-photo-Isaac-malik-lucas 12bb.jpg
for the new MISS EARTH 2021 Destiny E Wagner, will be posted on our website shortly...Stay tuned

FOR NOW: Events will start upon her arrival at Phillip Goldson International Airport on a date and time to be announced shortly.

Message to all our Belizeans able to come out and witness this historic event:  PLEASE adhear to all safety precautions. LineUp on the Motorcade route to be released but in your most colorful anything you have. Wear your flags, wave your flags, wear your carnival outfits if you have one or parts of one, bring your greta out if you have one and bram on the sidelines. Remember this entire event will be streamed live to the world. Capture the moments and post it to a special link we will be providing here. DANCE BELIZE- DANCE AND  CELEBRATE IN YOUR OWN SAFE SPOT infront of your homes or wherever you are. PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.
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Merch 2022
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The Miss Earth Belize Organization graphics department in collaboration with "Make Life Zen"  has created collections of Miss Earth Belize merchandise directly related to Miss Earth Belize 2022 pageant and its winner, her causes and our mission to support issues related to Mother Earth, Climate Change, Global Warming, Reusing, ,Recycling and Respecting our earth message and that of our delegate's Platform.


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Sept. 18th 2021 to Feb. 18th. 2022