Appearance Request Guidelines for the New Miss Earth Belize 2022

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Miss Earth Belize 2022 
Appearance Request guidelines. 
If you are requesting Destiny Wagner, the Current Miss Earth 2021, all request must be submitted to Miss Earth International pageant. If you submit any request for me, we will submit them to the Miss Earth International Pageant and any and all respond should be expected to come from them and not Miss Earth Belize Organization. We will always do our best to get your request to the right source. Thank You.

If a request for Miss Earth Belize  2022 is from any organization or other country, it must be a formal written request to Miss Earth Belize Organization. Included must be the proposed event, itinerary of the event, list of attire, what duties are expected of our Queen and who is the person that she will be directly reporting to in charge of making sure she is well attended to and know where and when to be doing what. .  Miss Earth Belize 2022 can make public appearances with any other organizations or pageant systems and other titleholders, events with expresses written permission by from Miss Earth Belize Organization. If an media interviews or participation in any related media forum. kindly contact us at

I understand that I will be responsible for the expenses of any pictures needed for publicity and that the photo used must be approved by us and cannot just be taken from our gallery of photos., travel, hotel, and meals for our Queen along with her required traveling companion. I also understand that this appearance will be confirmed by the Miss Earth Belize Organization and reconfirmed five (5) days in advance. I also understand that any photo used to represent the image of Miss Earth Belize or the organization, must be given approval before posting, publishing or printing or any flyers, posters or related.

If the invitation is for an event out of her said district she lives or resides, a round trip ticket to and from the said event must be provide if the event location is more 55 miles away or only accessible by air or out of country. There must be a accompanying personal from said organization at the airport to receive her and her personal attendant and back to the airport at time for her departure.

If possible, please allow free hours for Miss Earth Belize 2022 to visit her respective embassy or short tour. Likewise if her visit is out of country, any health test i.e.  RT-PCR test , airport fees- required, is expected to be reimbursed.

Honorarium  for the reigning Miss Earth. Belize 2022 where applicable.

Inviting organization whose events are environmentally related, or but the nature of the location, the connections the inviting organization, who has any environmentally related connections in anyway, will always take precedence. If in doubt about what connections your organization or event has to any environment cause, please feel free to let us help you make the connections if not already known. 

Enough time must be allotted before your event for our queen to be fully prepared and after to get ready for her departure.

Proper health an safety measures must be observed at all times during her stay.

Thank so much for your understanding, we looking forward to serving and working in the interest of a healthier Earth and communities.

Miss Earth Belize Organization