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Message as quoted on our Pageant Headquarters’ Miss Earth’s Facebook:

Miss Earth is an annual international environmental-themed beauty pageant competition promoting environmental awareness, conservation, and social responsibility. Miss Earth advocates, “Beauty for a Cause”™. It empowers women through community leadership, eco-tourism, and environmental education. It is recognized as the globe’s most relevant pageant and in the United States has been named best national pageant by several American media networks.  It is also the only pageant system since its inception has maintained the one consistent platform.  The contest is the third largest beauty pageant in the world in terms of the number of national-level competitions to participate.

In light of the pandemic, Miss Earth Pageant gave all participating countries, three options to select our delegates: Virtually, Mini Pageant following country’s pandemic protocol or Select the best delegate that we see fit and we chose the latter.

We at Miss Earth Belize Organization (MEB) believe in giving each delegate a fair shot that the title and not to using delegates just to make up numbers. We knew exactly what we wanted in ANY young lady to be able to vie for the “Miss Earth Title” pageant even though at the time we had no confirmation that it was even available and was thrilled when we finally asked Miss Earth of “The Belize Franchise” was available that they made the decision to not only say yes, but went ahead and sent all the necessary materials to apply immediately. WOW!!!!  It was no turning back from that point. Thank you Carousel Production and Thank you Miss Earth Organization.


Sarita Acosta, Belize’s only delegate to have placed as 6th. Runner-Up at Miss Universe Pageant became Miss Earth National Director along with Ms. Margaret R. Johnson, a returning Miss Earth Franchise holder as she was the National Director of Miss earth 2007 for Belize participating in Miss Earth for the very 1st time and though we did not placed, we made our mark as our Miss Earth Belize 2007 got People’s Choice Award, placed second in Miss Earth 2007 Environmental Competition and was noted in TOP 5 for best evening gown. Ms. Johnson’s delegate at the time had just won Miss Costa Maya International 2007 when she was approached by Ms. Pandy asking if she could apply for the Miss Earth Franchise so she can go to go to Miss Earth. It was then that Johnson applied for it and was awarded it. That opened to all other delegates who have participated at Miss Earth since.

However, no other delegate since 2007 has receives any recognition or awards since and this Miss Earth Belize Organization is aiming to change this narrative with our very talented Miss Earth Belize 2021, Aarti Sooknandan.

We searched all districts in the country and found ourselves circling right back to Aarti every time but after listening to her on a live Morning TV Show “OPEN YOUR EYES” video, being interview by Marleni Cuellar and Gavin Courtney (Starting at 23:00)

At the beginning of this LIVE interview with Aarti Sooknandan and Dr. Priscilla Dames, a question was asked and because it was in the field that Aarti is very versed in, Dr. Dames deferred to Aarti to answer the opening question and without a flinch or hesitation Aarti attacked that question like a boss.


Ms. Johnson said she listened to the entire episode and many times since. It was the final piece of information needed to solidify our decision that Aarti was the young lady we were looking for.

She said. “The strange this about this decision, is that now we had a delegate and did not know which pageant she would go to but we knew it had to be one that accentuates her portfolio and she is an asset not only to Belize but to the International pageant system too.

As we spoke with Aarti and her need to do more than just talk but to help find a way for women to break out of the cycle of violence, it became clear to us that Ms. Priscilla’s Dame wanting women to manufacture her items which were all ecofriendly and from recycled materials that the combination of Aarti’s platforms could be merged into using #MotherEarth so to speak to help her daughter become financially independent to be able to remove themselves for domestic violence situation and Miss Earth was the only pageant system that we say could give her that amplified voice to break the cycle of abuse.

The Miss Earth Belize Org. has amassed a collection of Aarti’s speeches, videos, appearance on Channel 5 Morning Show “Open Your Eyes”, her keynote speech address with Wingspan Seminars, privy to her body of work and the deeper we dug, the more we could not resist not selecting her. She is one of the few delegates to date that maintained working on her platform; even after she had participated in her 2019 National pageant and continues even to this date to build on it as she passionately believes is her chosen path. For a more in-depth biography of Aarti Sooknandan, please visit


It is in this light that we at Miss Earth Belize selected Aarti Sooknandan, 26 years old, 5’ 9” tall Commercial Model, Brand Ambassador, Magna Cum Laude Graduate with a Master’s in Business Administration degree in Marketing and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Advertising & Marketing from the University of South Florida (USF), a ballet dancer of approximately 10 years in Belize, well-travelled, public speaker, not afraid to engage in social issues, has great work ethics, is socially and consciously driven to pursue her platform even when pageantry was not in her horizon was extremely commendable and so Aarti became our obvious choice.

She is an entrepreneur, artist painter, business owner, and is very instrumental on reaching out to women who has suffered at the hands of domestic violence. Her new podcast which is set to debut almost immediately after crowning will feature the brilliant and very engaging, Reese Medina on her debut episode as a start to focus on how Belize can become engaged in using recyclables to convert into valuable product to help women or all ages to become financially independent while teaching the young through organizations like Belize Scouts the path to this sustainability.

Aarti has been in training since April of 2021 and has not waivered, slowed down, complained or even second guessed her decision and neither has the Miss Earth Belize Organization. We firmly believe we found who we were looking for.

Aarti Sooknandan will be competing in the 21st edition of Miss Earth to be held later this year and is poised to celebrate Belize on the international stage in a manner uniquely characteristic of her. To follow Aarti on social media, go to Instagram: @Aarti_Sooknandan on Facebook: at Aarti Sooknandan, Twitter: AartiSooknandan

MESSAGE FROM Ms. Johnson: “To my Country Belize, sometimes showing our support doesn’t cost us a thing but a little time,  simply go to Aarti’s IG and “FOLLOW”, a “LIKE”, a “COMMENT” or making your own make a huge difference in pageantry as she gets credit for being able to reach out to more people through her social media. That is what you come in. Help her help us Belize. If you want the world to see us internationally viable, we have to start seeing and treating our delegates as internationally viable once it has been established that the delegate is qualified. Join us in making that change will you?”

For additional information and media requests nationally and internationally, contact, visit, Instagram or Facebook pages Miss Earth Belize Official #missearthelize.

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